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Substitute Teaching

Seeking Substitute Teachers at SWCSD

Substitute Teaching

  1. Have a High School Diploma?
  2. Want to Gain Teaching Experience?
  3. Flexible Schedule?
  4. Want to Work with a Great Team?

If these questions apply to you, then you might be a perfect fit in the South-Western City School District!

Fill out our application below and we will get in touch with you.

SWCSD employs substitute teachers, aides, custodians, cooks, secretaries, and bus drivers to serve our students. The substitute role is is an important and vital role in the efficient operation of a school district. The continuation of the educational process is vital to the success of our students. Substitute teaching can be an ideal way to supplement your income while setting your own schedule. Improve your classroom skills as you try out different schools, grade levels and instructional methods. After proving your abilities as a substitute, you may even be offered a full-time job.

SWCSD hires substitutes throughout the school year and would like to meet with you about your interest. To learn more about becoming a substitute for the SWCSD and to schedule an interview contact (614) 801-3051 or visit the link below for more information.

To be a Substitute Teacher you Must complete an Application for Employment