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See something, say something

See something, say something

See something, say something

At South-Western City Schools, we believe in sustaining a safe school environment through our "See something, say something" campaign. From anonymously reporting suspicious acts and illegal activities, to instances of bullying and saying something about it, we all have a role to play in "See something, say something."

Any type of information involving a threatening situation to students, the school or staff should be reported directly to the building or law enforcement as a means of more directly addressing the issue as fast as possible. However, after school ends and in compliance with HB 123, the district has made available a reporting tool for incidents after hours and anonymously.

We are committed to keeping your identity confidential, unless you wish to give your name. We will ask you to disclose the information that you feel your school should know. In order to take action, your school must have a factual basis for doing so however and this often involves sharing names in order for the school to follow up.

Please note that prank/false reports will not be tolerated and may not be investigated.

Additional resources:
Grove City Police
Phone: 614-277-1710

Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (614) 525-3333