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Accelerated Learning Center

The Accelerated Learning Center

What is the Accelerated Learning Center?
Accelerated Learning Center

The Accelerated Learning Center (ALC), located within Central Crossing High School, will provide Junior and senior students in the South-Western City School District with the opportunity to take college courses - based on their future plans - while completing high school graduation requirements!

ALC Flier 2024

The ALC has been developed as part of the District's Strategic Plan and offers:
  1. A two or three year pathways to an Associate of Arts Degree before graduating high school (Click here to read more), OR
  2. A Software Development Program Pathway: In this ALC program, students take dual Columbus State Community College (CSCC) courses in preparation for a vibrant career in technology. Past graduates have gone on to careers making on average $60,000 or more upon completion. Courses covered include, but are not limited to the following: Computer concepts and applications, Intro to programming, Python Programming, Systems Analysis with Agile Framework, HTML/CSS, Database Fundamentals w/SQL in AQS, JavaScript Fundamentals, and Mobile Applications for Android. 
Bold Goals - Students can enter college without remediation; Students graduate on time; and Families are vested in planning their student's future.

High Yield Strategies - K-12 career exploration and skills development for students; A rolling four-year plan that supports each student's post-secondary aspirations; and Student access to rigorous coursework to earn credits toward graduation and beyond.

This unique, half-day approach will allow students from all four South-Western high schools and the South-Western Career Academy to experience college level coursework and gain an in-depth understanding of the skills and dedication necessary to succeed in a collegiate environment as well as get a head start on college credits.

There is no cost for the student to participate in the program as South-Western and Columbus State Community College share the cost for the courses.

The ALC meets the requirements of the College Credit Plus program, a requirement for all Ohio school districts.

Students can Graduate High School with more than 44 college credits from the South-Western City School District in collaboration with Columbus State Community College
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Deadline is March 15, 2024

About the Program

In partnership with Columbus State Community College, qualified students in the South-Western City School District will be provided with the opportunity to take college courses based on their future plans, while completing high school course requirements!

The Accelerated Learning Center students earn college credits and gain valuable experiences that will help them be successful in a college environment after graduating from high school. All the textbooks, college credits, and opportunities are offering at no cost to students and their families.