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Chromebook Problems, Exchange, or Pick Up

Technology Team
Bryan Mulvany - Executive Director of Information Services
Rob Moore - EMIS & Technology Coordinator

For Infinite Campus support please contact your student's teacher or building 

Resources for Connecting Students from Home
Connectivity Champions - RemotEdx initiative providing additional support to Ohio's K-12 students and families for remote learning

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My student’s device needs to be repaired or is having problems. Where do I go, and when?
A: If your student is having trouble logging in or general Chromebook issues they can contact their teacher or email [email protected]  for assistance. Often times power washing a Chromebook can fix a lot of issues.  You can find out how to do that here -  Powerwash Chromebook

A: If your student’s SWCSD Chromebook is physically damaged, it can be exchanged for a working one at your student's home building

Q: My student is newly enrolled, how do I get them an SWCSD Chromebook?
A: After your student's enrollment is complete and you have your student's schedule you can pick up a Chromebook for them at their home building.

Q: My student’s device says “Please return to South-Western City School District.” What do I do?
A: Is your student still currently enrolled in SWCSD? Once a student is withdrawn their SWCSD-owned device is locked and must be returned to the district.

A: You might have reported your student's device as lost or stolen. If you found your student's device, please contact your student’s teacher or home school building so it can be unlocked.

Q: Where should I drop off my student’s Chromebook when they withdraw from SWCSD?
A:  You can return it to your student's home school building.