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Vision, Mission, Belief Statements

our vision
Vision Statement
Education for the Real World is Our Business

Mission Statement
Our mission, directed by our commitment to excellence, and in partnership with the community, is to meet the educational needs of our diverse population of learners.

Belief Statements
  1. Schools exist to give students as many opportunities as possible to do their best.
  2. The quality of teaching and changing to meet a person's needs are important in how a student learns.
  3. Everyone should be treated with respect.
  4. All students have the ability to learn.
  5. Schools have a responsibility to prepare students to function in, and adapt to, a changing and diverse society.
  6. The school district must be designed to provide students with the skills needed to pursue their educational and employment goals upon graduation.
  7. School activities must be designed to provide experiences that actively engage students in real-life learning.
  8. An orderly, safe, caring, and supportive environment is necessary for effective learning to take place.
  9. A strong interaction among the family, school, and community supports student learning.
  10. Students must have continuous opportunities to show that they are able to learn without being called failures.
  11. Students need to be active in making choices in their learning and accept the results.
  12. Life-long learning for students, staff, and community is necessary and must be promoted throughout the school district.