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Student Transportation Guidelines

School bus transportation is a service provided by the South-Western City School District Board of Education and should be regarded as a privilege by students and parents. It is expected that those who ride SWCSD school buses will observe classroom conduct at all times.

For frequently asked questions and general information about transportation in Ohio, please click here.


  1. Parents are responsible for the safety and discipline of their children while going to and from the bus stop.
  2. Parents are urged to have their children at the bus stop five (5) minutes ahead of time as buses operate on a time schedule, which does not permit waiting for tardy students. If a child's bus is more than 15 minutes late, please contact the Transportation Department at (614) 801-8550.
  3. Parents will be monetarily responsible for any damage incurred to a bus by their children.
  4. The school does not enter disputes involving parents and students before pick-up or after return to the bus stop.
  5. Please do not discuss bus problems with the driver while he/she is on the route. This delays the schedule of the bus. Call the Transportation Department at (614) 801-8550 to report any concerns.
  6. Please make sure your contact information is correct in Infinite Campus so you can receive timely notifications should your child's bus be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.


  1. Students should follow all directions the first time they are given.
  2. Students are expected to observe classroom conduct at all times while on the bus (see Student Code of Conduct).
  3. Students should leave and board the bus at the designated stop, unless the student has a note signed by the building principal stating otherwise. This will be done only in emergencies, not for convenience.
  4. Students are not to cross the street to enter or exit the bus until the driver motions them across.
  5. Students must maintain absolute quiet at railroad crossings and other places of danger as specified by the driver.
  6. Students are not permitted to bring items on the bus larger than those which can be held on the student’s lap. Animals, glass, or liquids are not permitted on SWCSD school buses. (Ohio Revised Code 4511.76).