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Success Beyond the Classroom

Success beyond the Classroom

The Success Beyond the Classroom (SBC) Foundation was created to raise and award scholarship monies to South-Western City School District (SWCSD) students to help offset the cost of participation fees (P2P) for athletics and marching band. Participation fees for middle school and high school athletics and marching band were instituted during the 2009-2010 school year. The fees are applied to each student, per activity, with a cap per family.

SBC's goal is to help SWCSD students in need of assistance with their participation fees by awarding as many scholarships as possible each season of each school year. SBC scholarships are awarded in varying amounts, covering up to 75% (maximum) of the corresponding participation fee. Students can apply for a SBC scholarship by completing an application and returning it to their school's athletic director or mailing it directly to SBC before the established due dates indicated on the application.
SBC Applications

Application Deadlines:
(Marching Band) June 16, 2023
(Fall) July 28, 2023
(Winter) November 10, 2023
(Spring) March 1, 2024

All submitted applications are redacted (all identifiable information is removed), reviewed, and scored by an independent committee. It is important that student applicants review their applications carefully before signing and submitting them for consideration. SBC Scholarships are awarded based solely on the information provided on the scholarship application. Missing or incomplete information will lessen an applicant's chances of receiving a scholarship. Lists of scholarship recipients are provided to each school approximately one week after the application deadline. All scholarship monies are paid directly to SWCSD and applied to the student's account, and therefore do count towards the $500 cap per family each year. Each student is responsible for paying the remaining portion of their participation fee to their school.

Please be aware that if a student becomes ineligible for an extra-curricular activity for any reason or decides not to participate after the season has started, SBC scholarship monies and any remaining fees paid to SWCSD will not be reimbursed. If SBC is notified that a student, who has been selected for a scholarship, does not make a team, their scholarship will be awarded to another applicant based on the SBC scholarship committee's initial scoring. Scholarships cannot simply be transferred to another student on the team or at the same school.

To date, SBC has awarded nearly $250,000 in athletic and music pay-to-participate scholarships to SWCSD students. For more information on the SBC Foundation, visit the Facebook page at