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Student Attendance

The educational program offered by this District is predicated upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. Attendance shall be required of all students enrolled in the schools during the days and hours that the school is in session or during the attendance sessions to which s/he has been assigned. 

The South-Western City School District Board of Education considers the following factors to be reasonable excuses for time missed at school:
  1. Personal illness (a written physician's statement verifying the illness may be required);
  2. Illness in the family necessitating the presence of the child;
  3. Quarantine of the home;
  4. Death in the family;
  5. Necessary work-at-home due to absence or incapacity of parent(s)/guardian(s);
  6. Observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday;
  7. Out-of-state travel (up to a maximum twenty-four (24) hours per school year that the student's school is open for instruction) to participate in a District-approved enrichment or extracurricular activity;
  8. Such good cause as may be acceptable to the superintendent;
  9. Medically necessary leave for a pregnant student in accordance with Policy 5751; and
  10. Service as a precinct officer at a primary, special or general election in accordance with the program set forth in Policy 5725.
Attendance need not always be within the school facilities, but a student will be considered to be in attendance if present at any place where school is in session by authority of the board of education. Any classroom assignment missed, due to the absence, shall be completed by the student.

A maximum of nine (9) of a student’s excusable absences from school will be considered excused with parental notification by phone. All other absences from school will require additional information and/or documentation in order for the absence to be considered excused. Documentation, other than parent notes     provided for purpose of excused absences from school, is reviewed by the principal or designee.

Excessive Absences
When a student of compulsory school age is absent from school with combined non medical excused absences and unexcused absences in excess of thirty-eight (38) or more hours in one (1) school month, or sixty-five (65) or more hours in a school year, that student is considered "excessively absent" from school. The District or school shall notify the child's parent or guardian of the child's absences, in writing, within seven (7) school days after the date of the absence that triggered the notice requirement.  At the same time written notice is given, any appropriate intervention action listed herein may be taken.

Habitual Truancy
A student will be considered habitually truant if the student is of compulsory school age and absent without a legitimate excuse for thirty (30) or more consecutive hours, for forty-two (42) or more hours in one (1) school month, or for seventy-two (72) or more hours in one (1) school year.

The school staff, parents and students shall make every effort to prevent tardy behavior. Students will be counted tardy when they are not present at the designated beginning time for school. Tardiness will result in a progressive disciplinary action developed by the school; the more tardies a student accrues, the more severe the consequences.

Planned Absences
It is recognized that circumstances may cause a parent to request that a student be out of school. A planned absence policy has been adopted by the Board of Education. Planned absences will be considered by the Superintendent or designee to determine whether the absences will be excused or unexcused (see Planned Absence Policy 5200.04).