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Request a Public Record

Anyone may make a public record request. Public record requests may be made via e-mail, telephone, letter, or in person. We recommend that you put your request in writing to ensure we understand what information you are requesting and how we can reach you in the event we have questions or need clarification of an item. Please be as clear as possible regarding the records you are requesting.

Requestor's Note
When discussion in the record request contains legally protected information such as safety plans (protected by ORC 149.433) and the sharing of non-directory student information (protected by ORC 149.43(A)(1)(v), ORC 3319.321; 20 U.S.C. 1232g), the District is bound by state and federal law to redact and withhold that information from public release.

Requests should be directed to either the District's Treasurer/CFO (financial requests) or the Executive Director of Communications (all other requests).

Address: 3805 Marlane Drive, Grove City, Ohio 43123
Telephone: (614) 801-3000