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Early Entrance Information

Early Entrance
According to State Law, children who turn five (5) years of age on or before September 30 of the school year are eligible for enrollment in Kindergarten. For children who turn five (5) years of age AFTER September 30, but BEFORE January 1 of that same school year, assessments are available to determine whether or not the child is eligible for "Early Entrance" into Kindergarten.

Assessments take place in mid-August, prior to the start of the school year. Applications can be submitted at any time, but are only processed in May-July.

The process for requesting the assessment for Early Entrance begins in one of two ways:

Contact the Curriculum and Instruction Office, (614) 801-3073, to be placed on the list for early entrance assessments; or

Use the Early Entrance Application* and return it to:

South-Western City School District
3805 Marlane Drive
c/o Elementary Education Department
Grove City, Ohio 43123*

The timeline for Early Entrance Applications can be found here.

The Early Entrance Application
can be found here.