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ELL Models of Instruction

Workshop Model: 
Framework for Responsive Literacy Teaching and Learning

Sheltered Instruction 
Sheltered Instruction Components:
 - Lesson Preparation
 - Building Background
 - Comprehensible Input
 - Learning Strategies
 - Interaction  
 - Practice and Application
 - Lesson Delivery
 - Review and Assessment
Lesson Preparation:
 - Clearly defined content objectives for the students.
            - Based on standards, strands, domains, clusters,  topics, etc.
 - Clearly defined language objectives for the students.
            - Based on Key Vocabulary
            - Based on four domains of language: Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening

Building Background
 - Concepts linked to students’ background experiences
 - Links made between past learning and new concepts
 - Key vocabulary emphasized

Comprehensible Input
 - Speech appropriate for students’ proficiency level (e.g., slower rate, careful enunciation, and simple sentence structure for beginners)
 - Clear explanation of academic tasks
 - Avoid use of contractions, idioms, pronouns, etc. (these concepts do not translate well)

Learning Strategies
 - Explicitly teach learning strategies to students, and then create opportunities for student to use a variety the learning strategies in a supported environment
 - Consistent use of scaffolding techniques throughout the lesson, assisting and supporting student understanding
 - A variety of question types used, including those that promote higher-order thinking skills throughout the lesson

 - Frequent opportunities for interaction among students that encourages responses about lesson concepts
 - Grouping configurations that support language and content objectives of the lesson
 - Sufficient wait time for student response
 - Opportunities for students to clarify key concepts in L1 as needed with aide, peer, or L1 text

Practice and Application
 - Hands-on materials and/or manipulatives for students to practice using new content knowledge
 - Activities for student to apply content and language knowledge in the classroom
 - Activities that integrate all language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)

Lesson Delivery
 - Content Objectives clearly supported by lesson delivery
 - Language Objectives clearly supported by lesson delivery
 - Students engaged approximately 90-100% of the period
 - Pacing of the lesson appropriate to the students’ ability level

Review and Assessment
 - Comprehensive review of key vocabulary
 - Comprehensive review of key content concepts
 - Regular feedback to students on their output
 - Establish targets with students before lessons