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Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts 
Why an Associate of Arts degree at South-Western City Schools?
The Associate of Arts degree program at SWCSD is a way for students to set themselves apart in the
post-graduation job market faster and cost-free. AA degrees provide a strong foundation of career skills that
employers are looking for across many industries. Earning an Associate Degree could help boost your lifetime earnings and employment prospects.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Associate degree holders earned about 20% more per week in 2020 than workers with only a high school diploma. For students interested in going into a four year Bachelor degree program, earning an Associate degree will help save money and potentially get a two year head start on your path to earning your Bachelor degree.

2-year Track

An accelerated pathway, this Associate of Arts degree is characterized by a fast-paced learning environment that is designed to complete the program in 24 months. Additionally, in this track students are not able to take high school ONLY courses, so this is a full-college pathway. **In this pathway, per the CCP maximum credit allowance families will need to self-fund one course to complete the 2-year track.

3-year Track
Characterized by more scheduling flexibility over a longer period of time, the 3-year track is the pathway for any student who wishes to pursue the Associate of Arts degree AND
participate in band in high school.

 Course Listings
 - ENGL 1100
 - HIST 1151
 - FMGT 1101
 - PSY 1100
 - COLS 1101
 - ASC 1190
 - ENGL 2367
 - HIST 1152
 - STAT 1350
 - POLS 1100
 - PHIL 1130
 - BIO 1111
 - CLAS 1222
 - MATH 1148
 - HART 1201
 - ENGL 2290
 - POLS 1200
 - ASTR 1141
 - SOC 1101
 - COMM 1101