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Xello Information

What is Xello and why do we use it in grades 7-12?
Built with thousands of hours of research with educators, Xello puts students at the heart of their journey of self-discovery. By delivering an engaging student experience, Xello helps students map their futures. 

Personalized Student Portfolios
Students personalize their Xello experience by creating a shareable, online portfolio that showcases their interests, skills, and abilities. Profiles are easily updated as students gain new experiences, reflecting who they are every step of the way. 

Vibrant Career and College Profiles
Students explore hundreds of career and college options that align with their assessment results. Engaging content written at a grade 6 level, rich photography, and real-world interviews provide an authentic glimpse into their future and the critical knowledge to make informed decisions and plans.

Assessments that Build Self-Knowledge
Students complete interactive career, personality, and learning style assessments to help them better understand their unique interests, skills, and strengths. Each engaging assessment encourages reflection, helping students connect who they are with relevant career options.