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State and Federal Programs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of State and Federal Programs is to provide high-quality services, ensure compliance, and guarantee that State and Federal grants supplement and align with the district's vision, initiatives and programs. The Office of State and Federal Programs is responsible for organizing and managing communications with the Ohio Department of Education for State and Federal programming contained within the South-Western City School District's Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan. The largest grant managed by the office is the Title I section of the Every Student Succeeds Act (also known as ESSA and formerly known as ESEA).

Every year the South-Western School District receives funding from the federal government to provide various educational services. District administrators invite comments from the public regarding the services listed below. Please call or email the State and Federal Programs Office at 614-801-8390 or [email protected].

Title I monies provide supplemental instructional services, instructional coaching services, support services, classroom resources, family engagement opportunities and resources, summer educational support, and professional development.

Title II-A monies are provided to increase student achievement by enhancing teacher and principal quality through professional development, recruitment, hiring and retention.

Title III monies provide the opportunity for the district to assist in teaching English to English Learners (EL) and helping these students meet the same challenging standards for all students.

Title IV monies provide student support and academic enrichment for well-rounded education, safe and healthy students, and effective use of technology.