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Online Annual Information Update

Emergency Contact Information
(formerly hand-written on green card stock)

Step-by-step Guide for the Annual Update to update Emergency Contact Information:
Step 1. Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account. The link to the Portal can be found under “Parent Resources” on the district Website or by entering

Step 2. At the bottom of the index on the left hand side of your screen, click on “More.”  

Step 3. In the center of the next window, click on “Annual Information Update.”  

Step 4. From the list on the next screen, select ‘####-#### (Current School Year) Existing Student Registration’, where the ####-#### reflects the start year and end year, by clicking ‘Start’ in the right column.

Step 5.  A list of your children will appear. Click ‘Begin Registration’ then select English or Spanish.  The next screen contains a lot of information.  For an Annual Update update, click ‘Begin’ at the bottom of the list

Step 6.  Click through each section, starting with Household.  Continue to click ‘Next’ and ‘Save/Continue.’  Items highlighted in Yellow require action on your part. 'Next' will take you to the next screen/tab within that section. 'Save/Continue' will take you to the next section or student. Please ensure that the data is correct.

Step 7.  Complete this process for each of your children.  Once complete, click “Save/Continue.”

Step 8. When all students are updated, “Save/Continue” will take you to the Submission screen.

Click “Submit” to send the information to the school to be updated in Infinite Campus.