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Medications at School

Medications Page

As required by Ohio Revised Code, Section 3313.713

For school personnel to administer medication at school (prescription and non-prescription), a MEDICATION PERMISSION AND INSTRUCTION FORM must be completed and returned BEFORE that medication can be given.  This sheet must be signed by BOTH parent and doctor indicating name of medication, time to be taken, amount to be taken, route of administration, and possible side effects.

All medication must be received in the container in which it was dispensed.  Your pharmacist will prepare another labeled bottle if you ask (envelopes, etc. are not acceptable).  According to Board Policy, students are NOT permitted to bring any medications to school.  An adult must transport medication to school.

Helpful Hint:  Please furnish one (1) month’s supply of medication at a time. If you have any questions, please call your school nurse.