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Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

Dear South-Western Families,

Logistics delays continue to impact our lives as well as nearly all industries globally. Food Service is no exception. Farmers, truckers, packers, manufacturers, distributors, and ultimately many schools will struggle with food item availability.

Our purchasing cooperative is currently working with all segments of the supply chain, across all sectors, regarding food product availability.

What does this mean for our cafeteria offerings?

  1. What has historically been listed on the menu may not be available in sufficient quantities to serve our entire student population.
  2. Menus may change frequently due to the supply and availability of food items.
  3. We will continue to serve balanced and healthy meals in our cafeterias.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to provide healthy meal choices to our students.

The SWCSD Food Services Department

The South-Western City School District encourages students to take advantage of the nutritious and tasty breakfast and lunch programs offered in each of our schools.