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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The Ohio Auditor of State's Performance Audit recommended that the District develop a clearly written, multi-year plan that provides vision and direction for its board and employees. In response to this recommendation, the District made a commitment to formalize its process to create a more comprehensive strategic plan to communication to the community and district employees.

After choosing to embark on a formalized strategic planning process, the District determined that a critical first step was to obtain input from various stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. The District engaged volunteer facilitators from American Electric Power and the District's Community Advisory Group, who had experience with various types of stakeholder engagement, to assist the District in defining and implementing a stakeholder engagement process.

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Student Development/Extracurricular Activities
  3. Innovation in Education
  4. College/Vocation Preparation
  5. Parent Engagement
  6. Diversity of the School District

  1. Access for all students to the highest quality educational opportunities
  2. Instruction created to meet the individual skills of students while advancing them toward their full potential
  3. Seamless and universal access to instructional, enhancement, and remedial learning opportunities through the integration of technology and other forms of communication
  4. Engage the community to foster a fully integrated support system that feeds the development of every child

  1. Students can enter college without remediation
  2. Parents actively receive communication
  3. Students graduate on time
  4. Students exit emotionally, socially, and physically prepared
  5. Families are vested in planning their student’s future

The South-Western City School District will develop a balanced curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social and personal well-being of students. High yield strategies will provide:

  1. K-12 Career Exploration and Skills Development for students
  2. Parent education activities preparing children for the 21st Century workplace
  3. Remediation and intervention for students in math, reading and writing to ensure on-grade level performance
  4. K-12 character, social skills and well-being programming for students
  5. A rolling four-year plan that supports each student’s post-secondary goals
  6. Student access to rigorous coursework to earn credits toward graduation and beyond
  7. Two-way communication of issues of concern and importance to families through multiple communication methods and partnerships
  8. A comprehensive menu of services supporting the continuity of care for students