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CCHS senior combines coding, woodworking into digital display

For Central Crossing High School senior Samuel Bovshovets coding and artistic expressions are passions. Recently, he created a unique digital art project for the annual Ohio Governors Youth Art Exhibition. Bovshovets created this project in his free time after discussing art shows with his art teacher, Mrs. Will.

The piece is composed of seven different animations on a repurposed computer screen. The repurposed screen has been coated to appear clear until the animation cycles through the display from commands created within JavaScript. From an ascetics standpoint, Bovshovets used his firsthand knowledge of woodworking to hand-cut cubes of varying sizes that were made to appear on either side of the glass to add depth of field to the piece. In total, the project took seven days to complete.

"I wanted to make something with a clear screen and a cube concept, said bob. "The art piece is entitled Transparency to reflect that."

"When he was first developing it he would show me short videos and I was like 'that is so cool, we've got to do this," Mrs. Will said. "[From there} essentially, I was his cheerleader. We set a deadline, made a video about it and now we're getting it submitted."

Best of luck to Bovshovets and his art teacher, Mrs. Will.

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