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July 14, 2020

Dear South-Western Families,

Last evening we shared information with the board of education regarding the district’s DRAFT back-to-school learning models for the 2020-2021 school year. We know this is an important decision and wanted to provide some additional details that might help parents process the options. We know this is very difficult for all of our parents and wish we had more details to provide at this time. However, there are many aspects of the plan on which we are still working. One of our priorities is to provide as much information as we have at this time, so that parents can begin to make plans for their families and we can make staffing decisions to accommodate both the face-to-face, blended, Remote 2.0, and SWCSD Virtual Learning Academy learning options.

Our goal is to provide an optimal learning environment without compromising the health and safety of our students and staff. Given the circumstances, every decision comes with a level of risk and potential impact (social, emotional, learning, and health) for our school community. Based on the current conditions, our experience with reopening summer activities, and our collaborative work with the health department, we will be recommending that the district open in a blended model. If processes are working well and the data supports the decision to do so, we anticipate being able to move to 100% face-to-face instruction on September 21, 2020.

We appreciate the difficult position this puts our parents in and hope you can appreciate our attempt to balance a variety of competing factors. We will be using a variety of data sources to continually monitor educational delivery options. These include student absenteeism, staff absenteeism, risk level as outlined by the Ohio Department of Health color-coded system, daily hygiene practices of students, and social distancing behaviors. Based on the unpredictable nature of the virus and the way in which community spread impacts our operations, there is a very real possibility that these plans will change before school starts or shortly thereafter.

While we believe that 100% face-to-face is better for students and families, we need to get there safely and have the ability to stay in that educational delivery model. A process with layered protocols that respects physical distancing guidance is what we believe is our best hope of achieving this goal. We will do our best to communicate with families in a timely fashion as changes are made or circumstances dictate.

We launched our Back-to-School website to help provide our families with as much up-to-date information as we have available. It can be accessed through the homepage of our district website at Please review the draft plans and frequently asked questions prior to sharing any comments with us via the Google form available on the DRAFT Plans page of the website.

We look forward to working with our families to educate our students in a healthy and safe learning environment.


Dr. Bill Wise, Superintendent


-To enroll your child for the 2020-2021 school year, please click HERE.

-For 2020 Summer Athletics Guidance including the mandatory Waiver Liability Form, click HERE.

-For 2020 Summer Band Guidance including the mandatory Waiver Liability Form, click HERE.

-Summer Meal Distribution - June 1 to August 7 - Click HERE for more information


For more detailed information about what your family needs to know, click here.

Coronavirus Resources:

Talking to Children About COVID-19 ( from the National Association of School Psychologists) The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC Institute) Franklin County Public HealthOhio Department of EducationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Ohio Department of HealthWorld Health Organization (WHO)

June 30, 2020 Superintendent's Message

We hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their summer break. We know everyone - students, parents, and staff members - want to know what school will look like this coming fall.

During the summer months, we are working hard to design options that will keep our students and staff members safe while also providing a quality educational experience for all of our students. As you can imagine, this is a very challenging task and we are up to the challenge. Every perceived challenge becomes another opportunity for us to improve our educational processes and protocols.

We currently have teams working on plans for three learning options: 1) 100% virtual learning; 2) blended (half virtual and half face-to-face) learning; and 3) 100% face-to-face learning. We anticipate changes and adjustments to guidance and expectations from various health and governmental agencies at several points before school starts. We will continue to review these documents and do our best to incorporate the appropriate recommendations. This makes planning difficult and will likely create adjustments to our plans, but should allow us to provide a more robust learning experience. It is our goal to have draft plans in mid-July and more final versions by August 1.

As a result of the frequent changes and tight timeline, we will be relying primarily on electronic communication to get information out quickly and accurately.

For more information about our school district, please visit our website at, become a fan of our Facebook page at, follow us on Twitter at @SWCSD, or call our communications office at (614) 801-3027.

Again, thank you for being a member of the South-Western City School District educational community. We look forward to serving you and working with you and your family to educate our students for their future.


Dr. Bill Wise

Superintendent of Schools

Replacement Middle School Renderings

Prior to the bond issue in 2018, we asked our school community about the type of design they wished to see for replacement middle schools. Throughout the process, you told us you like buildings with contemporary details or accents that are built with traditional materials. You also told us you want the middle schools to complement the other buildings in the district but have a distinct look specific to middle schools.

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Weekly Video Spotlight

Students from Darby Woods Elementary School got to enjoy fun activities in the gym to raise awareness about healthy hearts at the Jump Rope for Heart event at school. Check out highlights from the event in this video.

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