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Reading Connection

Reading Connection provides busy parents with practical ways to promote their children's reading, writing, and language skills.

Monthly Beginning Editions
September 2017           English        Spanish
October 2017               English        Spanish
November 2017           English         Spanish
December 2017           English         Spanish
January 2018               English         Spanish
February 2018             English         Spanish

Monthly Intermediate Editions
September 2017           English        Spanish
October 2017               English        Spanish
November 2017            English        Spanish
December 2017            English        Spanish
January 2018                English        Spanish
February 2018              English        Spanish

Home and School Editions
Home and School provides busy parents with practical ideas that promote school success, parent involvement, and more effective parenting.
October 2017                English        Spanish
November 2017            English        Spanish
December 2017            English         Spanish
January 2018                English         Spanish
February 2018              English         Spanish

Additional Topics
Building Better Behavior                            English        Spanish
Kindness and Compassion                        English        Spanish
Steps to Homework Success                      English        Spanish
Supporting Your Child's Education            English        Spanish
Think About It                                           English        Spanish

Recipes for Success - October 2017         English        Spanish
Recipes for Success - November 2017      English        Spanish
Recipes for Success - December 2017      English        Spanish
Recipes for Success - January 2018         English        Spanish
Recipes for Success - February 2018        English        Spanish

Food & Fitness - October 2017                 English        Spanish
Food & Fitness - November 2017             English        Spanish
Food & Fitness - December 2017             English        Spanish
Food & Fitness - January 2018                 English        Spanish
Food & Fitness - February 2018               English        Spanish