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K-Parent Connect

What is K-Parent Connect?              Boy, Girl, Hand In Hand, Kids,

K-Parent Connect is a Title One-funded program that works with students who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall in the South-Western City School District.  K-Parent Connect provides support for students and parents during their Kindergarten year. There is a parent component and a student component to this program:


  • Meet with district specialists, teachers, coaches and administrators 
  • Session topics are developed based on what participating parents expressed what they needed more information about ie.
  • In the past, topics have included areas such as: literacy curriculum, math curriculum, nutrition and exercise in adolescence, how to meet children's social and emotional needs, technology resources, what parents can do at home to help their children be successful at school


  • Work in small class groups with district kindergarten teachers on kindergarten math and literacy skills to help them be ready for kindergarten including writing their names, letter identification, letter sounds, identifying numbers and counting
  • Classes are designed to help students learn in a hands-on, fun and engaging way.

When are K-Parent Connect meetings held?

  • K-Parent Connect consists of a three-week session in early June as well as twice a month meetings from January thru May. 
  • In order for your child to be in the program, s/he is required to attend all sessions. 
  • The K-Parent Connect program starts in June with a three-week kick-off to learn basic skills that are important at the beginning of Kindergarten. This is for students that will be entering Kindergarten in the fall. All classes are in the morning.
  • Students are required to attend the full three week summer program
  • During the three weeks there will be daily parent sessions covering a wide variety of topics. While it is strongly encouraged to attend all sessions, it is important for the parents to attend one of the beginning literacy sessions as well as the beginning math sessions. All sessions are scheduled at the same time the students are working in the classrooms

How to enroll in K-Parent Connect?

  • While the program is open to all SWCSD Kindergarten parents, space is limited
  • Fill out application during kindergarten registration OR
  • Complete application given at enrollment center and mail it to the address on bottom of form
  • If space is available during the school year sessions, teachers may recommend students that they feel could excel from the extra review and practice provided by the program.
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