Fast Facts About SWCSD

About Our Schools

The South-Western City School District is the fifth largest public school district in the State of Ohio and the second largest in Franklin County. The District covers 119 square miles including urban, suburban and rural settings. It is one of the most unique public school districts in the state.

2016-2017 School Year

Number of Schools
 High Schools (grades 9-12)
 Career-Technical High School
(grades 11-12)

 Middle Schools (grades 7-8)
 Intermediate Schools (grades 5-6)
 Elementary Schools (grades K-4)15 
 Special Schools
2015-2016 Staff Information
 Certificated 1,512
 Administrative 99
 Total     2,547
(Source: SWCSD Personnel Department 10/16)

2017 Board of Education
Cathy Johnson, President
Lee Schreiner, Vice President
Karen Dover
Mindy Garverick
Robert Ragland, Sr.


Dr. Bill Wise, Superintendent
Hugh W. Garside, Jr., Treasurer

South-Western City School District
3805 Marlane Drive
Grove City, Ohio 43123
(614) 801-3000

About Our Students

Statistical Information

2016-2017 District Enrollment
 High Schools (9-12)6696 
 Middle Schools (7-8)3273 
 Intermediate Schools (5-6)3299
 Elementary Schools (K-4)8301 
Buckeye Ranch78 

Student Demographic Data
Ethnic Composition (2014-2015)
American Indian 0.1%
 African American 12.5%

2016-2017 Head Start and Preschool Students
 3 Year Olds4 Year Olds 
Bostic Center Head Start32 94 
Stiles Family Resource Center Head Start34 101 
Bostic Preschool1630 
Darby Woods Preschool28 
Harmon Preschool12                31 
Prairie Norton Preschool16  30 
South-Western Preschool57            112 
Stiles Preschool1017 

2015-2016 Free and Reduced Lunch Data
Free Lunch Percentage52.07% 
Reduced Lunch Percentage7.01% 
Free and Reduced Percentage59.08% 

2015-2016 English Learner (EL) Data
 Identified EL students2,806 
 Receiving EL Services 
Language Dialects 71